This entire blog initially started as Married to a Happy Soul and it focuses more on personal growth. I was in a very challenging state when I decided to start my own blog and my wife strongest support that time. She is and will always be my happy soul.

My early thoughts when I started was directly about making life simple and at the same time looking for avenues to make myself a better person for myself and to others.

Here’s how I explained it: Knowing that the modern world is very distracting and complicated, I think writing for me is an effective tool to clear up the complexity of things – to think straight and to imbibe the idea that life is simple.There is a need for me to simplify all areas of my life especially now that I am getting older. Every blog blurbs and write-ups that I intend to share will serve as my creative outlet. This can be a reflection, reaction or some sort of a motivation to improve my relationship to God, with myself and others. … an avenue to organise my thoughts and opinions about the challenges of the 21st century by incorporating the Word in the Bible, …I want to be intentional and embrace the concepts of essentialism and minimalism. Hopefully, as you read my blog, we can all find inner peace, mental clarity, maintain healthy relationships and cultivate positive experiences whilst connecting with kind and empowering people who can fill our souls with happiness.

That was the goal and I am pretty sure that after a year of writing down my thoughts, I was able to gain a clear picture of life and my role as a husband, son, colleague and friend to others. I am still healing and learning and I will continue pursuing the same goal with a braver heart.