Hello Friends! My name is Nikko Paolo, a Filipino Nurse living in the UK. I am married to a very loving wife and a fellow happy soul. Her name is Gail. I am the eldest in our family and altogether, we are operating a small family restaurant business in the Philippines.

I love learning from creative people and deeply admire how they transform their ideas… their vision into reality. I want to be like them. I am eager and passionate to discover so many things and this blog is my stepping stone to reach infinite possibilities. 

This blog initially started as a means of nourishing my personal growth and I called it MARRIED TO A HAPPY SOUL. However, I was overwhelmed with the concepts that I wanted to cover and it felt like I have this pressure of answering the big questions in life. The truth is I wasn’t making life simple, I was making it harder because I was “trying” to become too philosophical. Therefore, I decided to focus on 3 important things attached to my identity – my love for FOOD, my loyalty to my FAMILY and my passion for promoting HEALTH because I’ve been working as nurse for more than a decade.

My XY thoughts

If you guessed it, you are right! It refers to the Male Chromosome (Genetics) and also the X and Y coordinates (Math). Just to be clear, I am not well versed with these subjects. I panic when I can’t solve a math problem. Also, I am bald so I kinda hate genetics. So, my goal in this platform is crystal clear. I want you (my reader) to see things in the male perspective and at the same time find significant relationships with the X or Y stuff that I talk about in this blog.


FOOD (Don Mario’s Grill and Cafe) – This is all about food and updates about our family restaurant. You can check upcoming events, our filipino meals and promos in this page. I plan to dive into recipes, food preparations, food culture and the likes. Also, since I am based here in the UK, I will try and explore restaurants, street foods and other local foods I can gastronomically explore!

FAMILY (My Happy Soul Family) – My primary goal of making life better and simple together and hand in hand with my wife, family and true friends remains the same. I will be glad to share more happy soul stories with you. Yes, I am married to a happy soul! I am excited to build and nurture my happy soul family.

HEALTH (Nurse Nikko) – This is all about my adventures on being a male nurse in the 21st century and also more about promotion of health as well as prevention of illness. Nursing, as my chosen profession has evolved since it was established as a body of knowledge. I hope I can use this platform to contribute in expanding as well as bridging gaps in modern nursing.