Hello Friends! My name is Nikko Paolo, a Filipino Nurse living in the UK. I am married to a very loving wife and a fellow happy soul. Her name is Gail. I am the eldest in our family and altogether, we are operating a small family restaurant business in the Philippines.

I love learning from creative people and deeply admire how they transform their ideas… their vision into reality. I want to be like them. I am eager and passionate to discover so many things and this blog is my stepping stone to reach infinite possibilities. 

FOOD (Don Mario’s Grill and Cafe) – This is all about food and updates about our family restaurant. You can check upcoming events, our filipino meals and promos in this page. I plan to dive into recipes, food preparations, food culture and the likes. Also, since I am based here in the UK, I will try and explore restaurants, street foods and other local foods I can gastronomically explore!

FAMILY (My Happy Soul Family) – My primary goal of making life better and simple together and hand in hand with my wife, family and true friends remains the same. I will be glad to share more happy soul stories with you. Yes, I am married to a happy soul! I am excited to build and nurture my happy soul family.