Historical Sites we visited in the City of York

The city of York captivated me and made our Christmas memorable and happy. We spent 3 days in the city and explored its wonders. We stayed in an airbnb cottage. It made our stay memorable, warm and fun!

The Airbnb cottage: My wife and I felt safe inside the cottage. Keys were provided. It is situated in a compound with a private garden. It is clean & complete with almost all things we need… like we live in our own private home. Outdoor shoes were not allowed inside but indoor slippers were provided. The entire house is clean and sanitised. Cleaning items were available. The was Bedroom was Magical 🙂 We enjoyed using their kitchen because it has an available oven and a nespresso machine. With regard the bathroom, I am impressed that the toilet has a heated seat & the state of the art bidet completed the entire experience. The art pieces, books & cute decor items give the cottage a fun and artistic character, which we both love! Quite honestly, my wife & I dream to have a similar cottage someday.

These are the places we visited within our stay in the city.


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