Our First City Cruise in the River Thames of London and Revisiting Greenwich

My wife and I have always loved traveling to fun and exciting places. We love museums, parks and historical stuff. Our friend Tep and her family gifted us a city cruise in River Thames last Christmas and we finally decided to use it because it’s a sunny weekend.

Since it’s a gift, we had the experience for free. We chose the hop on and hop off 24 hour experience. I think this is a great way to see and explore london if you are a tourist. If you are interested for the rates, you can visit the website cityexperiences.com and they offer other tourist related activities. If we had to book it ourselves, the sightseeing cruise experience would cost £21 each – that is around Php. 1,430.00 per adult.

There was a train strike when we went to London that day. It was challenging but we really enjoyed it. Lots of walking and sunshine. We reached the Tower Hill Pier around half past 10 in the morning and I just had to show my pass in my apple wallet.

What a fun day! Here are some of the photos we had from the experience.


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