The Role of a Modern and Christian Husband

I’m a married man. No kids, just me and my wife. One might think that I have the mastered this role but I know that I don’t. We all know the main social norm of the husband is to be the main provider and the pillar of the home. However, is that the only role I should be concerned about?

Everyday, I am learning new things about myself, my wife and all around me. There is a constant change. I keep wondering… “What is the impact of these changes to myself and to my role as a husband?” If I lose my job, do I just surrender and allow my wife to take the lead? If we suddenly become parents, am I ready to become a father? If we never get the chance to conceive, how do I remain steadfast in my role as a loving and God-fearing husband?

The good and negative impact of these changes are inevitable but something should be engraved within my core to keep me grounded and be good to my wife. I found Ephesians 5:26 “Husbands love your wife, just as Christ loves the Church.” I will keep this in my mind. I believe that to be a good Christian, Jesus should always be the ultimate role model. So, I should be responsible to protect and provide for my wife at all cost because that is something Christ will do for the church more so when we start to have children.

I made my first youtube video 2 weeks ago. I was preparing food and cleaning the house for my wife. I think it is simple way of showing her that I love her. Love is not always expressed through words but also through actions. I made it just to remind myself of my role as a husband. I will anchor it through the words from the book of love and put a highlight on Ephesians 5:26.


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