Sheldon & hot beverages

Last week, I finished the entire 3 seasons of the Big Bang Theory spin off series “Young Sheldon” on Netflix. I love it because I can relate to the tiny bits of the characters’ personalities.

The series is about the life of a young Sheldon Cooper, a genius kid who is passionate about the laws of the universe and physics, and how he was raised by a normal christian family in a fictional town called Medford in Texas. Although I am not as smart as Sheldon, both of us are close to our families and we both believe that we have a special bond with our mothers – our “go to” person when something is terribly wrong. On the other hand, Missy, Sheldon’s sister, is very insightful. Like her, I’ve always had this gift of connecting the dots in real life. This is not accurate all the time but usually my gut feel on things is partially true. In addition, I love how the series made the siblings show that they don’t feel any less of a son or daughter because Sheldon needs more attention due to his intelligence. They knew that they are also gifted in other things. For instance, Georgie, the eldest, knew that he is good in sales and fixing tires. It’s a family friendly show with witty jokes and good acting plus the characters are diverse, relatable and funny. I have gained a ton of inspiration from it.

I haven’t seen the entire 12 seasons of the Big bang theory but one particular scene I will always remember is when Sheldon offered tea to Leonard. He said that “When people are upset, the cultural convention is to bring them a hot beverage.” I copied that in real life. I had a friend who failed at his OSCEs here in the UK. I really felt sorry for him. I didn’t have much money that time but I felt obliged to cheer him up. So, I bought him a Mocha drink at Costa. In a different occasion, I also had a friend who was distraught with teary eyes knocking at my door at 4 in the morning because of a family problem back home. I made him a hot ginger tea with sticky rice balls and accompanied him to the airport that morning. Looking back, I don’t think those gestures were necessary because I feel like it didn’t make any difference. I was a person who sought for validation from friends that’s why I do extra stuff for them and in return, I expect them to reciprocate my loyalty and kindness. It was a very wrong mindset.

Anyway, in the young Sheldon series, Sheldon made a hot tea for Paige, a very smart girl like him who started acting up because of her parent’s divorce. Sheldon’s father said that He was proud of Him for doing that. It was memorable for Sheldon because despite all his achievements as a young genius kid, it was something that he didn’t expect to receive any merit.

In that particular episode, I think the holy spirit enlightened me. I felt like I have to give more hot beverages to people who are sad, worried or depressed. How wonderful it is to be working in a hospital because I have the divine privilege to give tea, coffee or hot cocoa to patients and families who are obviously sad from their situation. Anyway, That moment… It was like God saying that I should always love my neighbour no matter how awkward or difficult it is because in return, He will offer me an endless supply of hot beverages when the time comes that I am the one upset.


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