Bus and Train Rides cost £550

It was challenging when I started working in London because I initially wake up before 5:30am and leave the flat around 6am. I’d have a 2 hour journey to work and add another 2-3hours on my way back home.

Good thing that we relocated 4 months ago and our new residence is now nearer the train station. Travel time was a bit shorter. But still, I’d travel 1.5 hours going back and forth.

Why did I choose to do this? If you’re an observer, probably you’d think that this decision was nuts. Why would I waste time and a large amount of money going back and forth to work?

It was simple. It was for my mental well being. I was in a unhealthy state of mind (insomnia, depression, self doubt, panic attacks and anxiety) and probably wrote a few details about it in this blog before. I was going insane. Looking back, If I compare what I was to now, I believe it was a good decision and I am now healing.

I would like to think of this situation as a transition to a better future. My wife and I are weighing up the pros and cons if it would be better for her to move in London or for us to go someplace else.

Well, I hope we can figure it out soon because £550 for a whole year is £6600 and that is nearly half a million in Philippine pesos.

On a positive note, if we ignore the red signals and delays, the bus and train rides ain’t bad. I could sleep, meditate, watch movies on my phone, listen to podcasts and most importantly… pray.


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