Shoe storage

For over a month since September this year, my wife and I were looking for a shoe storage to achieve an organised, clean and aesthetically pleasing entry way in our new flat.

She found one on Facebook market and asked me to collect it in a nearby town. I was so tired from work that I decided to book an uber.

I was happy when I saw it because it was still in good condition and it was only £20. The lady who sold it to me was nice. I even took a selfie inside a lift within the building because it was a good deal.

The annoying thing was the moment I attempted to carry it to the newly booked uber driver’s boot, it fell apart. My heart scattered along with it in the driveway. I cannot return it anymore and I wasn’t sure if I can still fix it.

I stayed beside that street for 40minutes whilst waiting for another uber driver to help me take it to our flat. A policeman even approached me if I needed help to dispose the piece of trash. I was so devastated.


Anyway, It became a source of conflict between me and my wife but we tried to resolve it. I tried to put everything back together and did my best to identify parts that was missing. Then, I bought the missing stuff on Amazon.

Within that week, we fixed it. If I add up all the cost, I could’ve bought a new shoe storage. It was a financial disaster. However, we learn from our experiences and with that incident, we became wiser on buying stuff online.


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