RAPID Course

I attended a training today called RAPID. It focuses on how to deal with deteriorating patients using the ABCDEFG approach as well as a lecture on some Basic ECG reading.

It was quite an eventful day because I was late. My train was delayed and I nearly cried over 2 cancelled uber bookings. The training cost £300-£400 and I am just glad that I was still accommodated.

Nevertheless, despite feeling embarrassed for the tardy arrival, I succeeded in the test. I got the highest score… 97%!!! Proud of myself for doing a good job.

Well, I hope I can keep up. It has been awhile since I felt like a knowledgeable nurse. Somehow it makes me feel competent and happy with the profession I chose. The test result somehow cured my crippled confidence.

This is good news not only because of the test result but it is a lived experience that even though the day started shitty, if we put a little of optimism and a welcoming hand to receive blessings from God, things turn around in our favour.


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