Hello again.


I am back. It has been a year since I started my job in London and everything is actually good. The air I breathe is lighter. The only struggle I face now are the demons in my mind- the self doubt, insecurities and distractions that come to visit me once in a while. Nevertheless, my faith in Jesus, my awesome saviour, and the support and love I get from my family, real friends and colleagues strengthens me day by day.

So, what is new to me? I am loud and proud to say that I am now a cardiac catheterisation nurse. I remember the moment I applied for this post. I wasn’t sure if I will be accepted because my background is ward-based nursing, infection control and a short lived A&E post. Literally, I have no theatre experience except for the one I had when I was a student but God opened a path for me in this field and each time I go to work, I am thankful because I have the opportunity to fix myself from the damages caused by the demons I mentioned above.

I am really in awe when God suddenly opens my eyes to certain things. These are the moments when I get to have a full understanding of some of the hard times in my life. He always has a purpose. Like the time when I became an SK. I complained before that the responsibilities I had as an SK somehow took my youth away but, in contrary, it actually brought me closer to other young people like me that time and the stuff I learned as a youth leader contributed to my achievements.

So, I am confident that God will somehow disclose the true purpose of some of the challenges I have right now. I know He always has a purpose. With constant love and prayers, I will get the right answers in the right time.




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