decided to switch my screen time on

Have you been binging content on Tiktok? It was not that addictive when I started using it back in early 2019 but it evolved into a huge platform for a lot people. I am a fan of the app but it becomes too much for me to consume because I also have other social media accounts that I frequently visit like instagram, facebook, twitter and pinterest.

It’s the same rabbit hole that youtube videos offers. One recommended video after another tailored to our unique interests and strong desires. We suddenly realise that we have been soaking ourselves in the virtual world for hours.

Honestly, I need to detoxify myself again for using these platforms or at least control the hours of usage. I’ve done it before and I can most definitely do it again because it makes me mentally stable, very productive and focused on my goal. No time is wasted.

It is actually one of the reasons why I don’t write that much on this blog. I have been wasting time scrolling on my newsfeed. Checking on a friend’s status or catching up with the latest news on politics, showbiz and what nots.

I resort back on social media to connect with my family and friends or to have that cheap dopamine hit. The cycle continues, depression intensifies and procrastination occurs. I mean it is not easy to be away form home. Although I am lucky to have my wife by my side here, I still feel lonely and sad.

Anyway, I cannot just quit social media but I just turned my screen time on and set it for an hour. I will do it for a month and let us see what happens.