How I manage my anxiety

Since 2019, I made it a habit to listen to an audio prayer on spotify before going to work. I cannot remember the very first devotional prayer I heard but I have this vivd memory of fear, anger, frustration, sadness and confusion when I started listening to these devotional prayers.

Listening to these prayers felt like talking to a trusted friend, which I badly needed that time,

I found the Your Daily Prayer podcast. In this platform, people share their life experiences and the word of God in less than 15 minutes. I listen and it instantly gives me courage to face another day or the resilience to survive direct and indirect bullies.

Yes. I didn’t like going to work (hard to imagine if you know me years ago) or staying in a house with a heavy atmosphere. I was very anxious. My drive, my self esteem and my zest to follow my dreams felt like it all went down to drain because I have been listening to the wrong company and quite honestly, it tortured me mentally even until today during my low moments.

My mental health suffered big time. It made me feel very small and weak but every story and specific reflection I gained from every speaker inspired me to be better… each day.

“Cast all you anxieties on Him” – this phrase caught my attention when I listened to one of the podcast episodes. It gave a lasting effect and a sense of hopefulness… like everything will be alright because we have a strong, powerful and compassionate God.

My habit grew and I started reading the bible thru my devotional plans and I have this app on my phone where it helps me meditate and sleep. It’s called live from rest. In fact, I even use this guided meditation app during break time at work.

I even wrote a blog about being mindful, which definitely improved the way I handle stress or a specific crisis I faced in 2020. So, in my case, guided meditations help me a lot.

Today, I am happy because life is opening doors for me as well as windows of opportunities to heal myself and to reignite my excitement and pure passion to achieve my dreams. I am glad to say that the panic attacks are gone, I can sleep better and I am just thrilled once again to surround myself with people who can lead me to the right path.

What about you? How do you handle your anxieties?