Dancing for X Reasons

A few years ago I made an Instagram account and a YouTube channel dedicated to dancing particularly focusing on hip hop dancing. It was something I was very passionate about.

Today, I kept most of the videos private because it doesn’t look professional and the passion slowly dimmed because of other priorities especially when I came here in the Uk and now that I am in my 30s, I feel awkward dancing on my own online. In addition, I gained a lot of weight. So, I’m not so graceful, sleek or even in tune anymore.

Honestly, I really enjoy dancing. It is hard to imagine my childhood, teenage years and even my young adult life without it. I’m not a pro but memorising steps and moving my body along with a popping music is gold for me. It puts a lot of smile and happy hormones in my body.

Right now I am trying to jump back into that passion not to show off my moves (which is not that great actually) but to regain my optimal well being. I want to be physically healthy.

I am now 82kilos! I am prehypertensive and whenever I try to dance, I get tired easily, I start panting and I can feel my body turn stiff. It is sad.

I want to be active again.

To push me on jumping back to my passion, allow me to post an edited collection of my dance videos below for ACCOUNTABILITY reasons. I gotta find and feel that X reason.