2021 valentines day message

We don’t have a big Valentine’s Day celebration. The lockdown is sad and the mood everywhere is depressing.

As your husband, it is my duty to brighten up your day. 😆

Photo 1 – I dyed 2 kilos of flour using different colours and patiently dried it in my office for days because we wanted colourful powders for our pre nup shoot. It was a failed DIY but we managed to make use of it. The used IVF glass bottles were good storage containers. Do you remember the refreshing water of cagiscan river? Anyway, the captured photo is a good metaphor of us putting colour and happiness in each other’s beautiful lives.

There is a reason why you call yourself a @happys0ul and allow me to illuminate that reason thru this picture.

Photo 2 – lip balm. Your lips are perfect! You are beautiful my love. When I was your boyfriend, I took a picture of you at greenwhich. We just ate pizza. I told you that the shape of your lips is the second best feature of your face (because it compliments your “jasmine-like” eyes.) Your nose, on the other hand, is… cute. Hahaha 😝

Remember that when you are happy, I am 💯 happier.

We are blessed my love. I know there are days that we can’t exactly pin point why we are sad. Most of the time, we convert it thru our little tantrums and petty fights. Honestly, deep down in our subconscious, we both desire “a little referee.”

I know how much you love to become a mother and I don’t know if you have an idea how much excited I am to become a father.

I guess it is not the right time yet.

We placed a frame in our living room that says “thy will be done” just to remind us of God’s promise to Sarah and Abraham.

Let us allow Him to Fill the Gap and not to be too stressed of “minding the gap” 😉

You are unique. You are complete. You are perfect. Always remember that.

I am fortunate because you are my wife.

P.s. take good care of your pretty hands. Don’t over work my love. Avail your SL privileges. You are so stubborn. If you keep working with wounds and cuts in your hands, I will personally email Magin to change the ward soap, the gloves or whatever it is that affects your skin. 🤣 #sorrynotsorry

Happy Valentine’s Day! The Lord will shower us with blessings and I am confident that He listens to our prayers.

10 years ago, I made a dream board. Most of the stuff I put in there happened. I successfully reached those dreams because you are one of my major inspirations.

I made another one recently but it looked very messy and weird in our room. So, I just took a picture of it and removed it in our wall. I edited the photo and shaped it like an eye 👁 my purpose is to thoroughly deceive our eyes to create a “tunnel vision”

If you see it in the picture, let us put our full energy to achieve it and I challenge you to focus your “gaze” inside the pupil.

I suggest we can restart again and again tonight ❤️

Padangat taka.
Mahal na mahal kita.
I love you – Pao


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