How will this pandemic end?


As pessimistic as it sounds, covid pneumonitis will continue to terrorise the world just like the other infectious diseases that we have been facing for a long time.

So, I guess it won’t be gone soon. Similar to tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis and other types of communicable diseases, it will always infect a weak human host.

Yes, it won’t end soon but we can control it.

They say having the newly developed vaccine is the key. However, in my opinion, these vaccines will help control the spread of the virus but it wouldn’t prevent these tiny microorganisms to replicate as long as humans are plague with irresponsible distribution of information, selfish behaviours and poor commitment to resolve this crisis.

There. I said it. Short and sweet.

The cost, efficacy, the method of distribution of this vaccination to all parts of the world is one gigantic challenge to everyone especially when corruption and greed is involved.

So, what can we do?

  1. Ensure that you read reliable sources of news and information.
  2. Follow the health and safety protocols in your locality and become a role model for your family and friends.
  3. Observe standard precautions of infection control e.g hand washing and wearing PPEs
  4. Get vaccinated.
  5. Contribute to the society by speaking up when you see to covid related injustices.
  6. Vote wisely because we need a transformative and excellent leadership.

To sum it all up, the covid 19 pandemic will not end per se but we can manage it without affecting too much lives if all of us will be united, involved and committed to end this global problem.


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