my 20/20 birthday

I posted a new display photo on facebook and used the caption below:

Hi! I am showing my birthmark in this picture. I’ve always been bothered by this skin blemish because it’s on my neck but I don’t want to remove it because it is part of my identity. I have a couple of theories – maybe I was bitten by a vampire or somebody gave me a passionate kiss mark? hahaha! One thing is for sure, I am half-human and half-filter in this photo.

This yuletide season, I am wishing everyone the gift of laughter. I figured we all need it especially this year and… it is free! The bible even said that it’s the best medicine and it is designed to last a lifetime. If you can make someone laugh today, that’s great! You’ve given them a priceless gift.

Also, since posting a new profile picture is always public, I want to grab this chance to say thank you to all the people who constantly spark guffaws in my heart. So, Diyos Mabalos Saimo. Always LOL… Merry Christmas!

I worked on my birthday for a change because I usually spend my day doing nothing but relaxing and eating. No need for me to do it this year because I was pumped to learn everything about my new job.

I am thankful and I am grateful because I realised on that day… the things I was scared about are miles away from me. I got my ear pierced and my wife baked a cake for me. She also bought a kindle for me so I wont be bored with my long journeys of going back and forth from home to work. My family back home expressed their love as well online. Even though we are oceans wide apart, they made me feel special on my birthday. My wife, my family and a handful of true friends are very important to me. They have always made my birthday complete.

For my birthday wishes, well, one is for us to be safe from this pandemic and protection from anything that can potentially harm us. I prayed for good health and also to keep us away from financial embarrassment. I am happy that God is always providing us with opportunities to grow and prosper.

Happy Birthday to me! I am 34 years old!


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