Growing and Harvesting Potatoes in a Grocery Bag

Isolating ourselves during this Covid-19 global pandemic opened doors for most individuals to learn about specific interests that we have been putting aside. We have been saying that we’re “too busy” to learn a new hobby or do something we wanted to try.

Now that we have the time, we are all trying catch up. In fact, if you check all of your social media platforms, everybody tries to bake cakes, biscuits, cupcakes, some have attempted to started an online business, created podcasts, collected plants, learned how to draw, played sports, explored new books and the list goes on.

In our case, my wife and I tried to experiment on a bunch of stuff like redecorating our flat, doing DIY crafts and my personal favourite is to grow potatoes in a container bag. Not only potatoes, we also planted onion, garlic and lettuce.

Knowing that I don’t have a garden to plant any vegetables or crops, I was really curious if I can really grow something out of a bag. Google and Youtube are my new best friends to help me pursue this idea. To my surprise, it really worked. 

You can check on the video below on how I did it. (Also, if you want to, subscribe to my youtube channel.)  I didn’t specify the step by step process because I know that what I did wasn’t the ideal way but there are a bunch of stuff online that gives you information about growing potatoes in containers. I did this for the experience and to give you an idea that it really works even if your resources are limited. 

In order for you to do it, make sure you have a good draining soil, rich in organic matter. That’s the ideal thing to do. I personally used a compost soil I found in our flat. It’s a left over soil I used for the garlic, lettuce and onion. I didn’t want to buy more because it’s not within my budget. Regarding containers, gardeners said that a 5 gallon container will do but I don’t have one. So, I used a shopping bag. Just make sure that there are holes underneath for drainage. I watered it 2-3 times a week under full sun and it grew until the leaves and stalks became weak and dry – a sign that potatoes can be harvested. Also, add soil as the potato plant grows. If there is one thing I didn’t do, I did not fertilise it or used any insecticides. After 3 months, I harvested a few baby potatoes, which is perfect for a salad or a side dish.

If you are a farmer or an expert in growing potatoes, please don’t judge. *lol* My intention is to inspire people to grow their own food because it is healthier, cheaper and maybe.. a way for us to solve a global problem – world hunger.

In an article published in the World Health Organisation (WHO) website last year, an estimated 820 million people did not have enough to eat in 2018, up from 811 million in the previous year, which is the third year of increase in a row. This underscores the immense challenge of achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger by 2030.

It’s really hard to think about hungry people. Every day I thank God that we have something to eat. I remember early this year, back in the Philippines, I met people who lost their jobs because of the pandemic and sadly, most of them rely on their daily income. So, I guess this blog is dedicated for them. If you are reading this, I encourage you to teach them how to plant in containers. Let’s help them put food on the table. Maybe… It’s our own little way to help solve global hunger. 


Jesus told them another parable, “The Kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field.” – Mathew 13:24


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