Prayer for Healing

A few years ago, one of my workmates gave me a copy of a prayer. It was very well written. I liked it because, I guess, the prayer was exactly what I wanted to tell God.

Looking back, I remember I had an argument with a friend and I didn’t pass the english test. I had bills and debts to pay and everything was just upside down. There was too much pressure at work and I had no idea if I was completely okay.

The funny thing is that I didn’t talk to my workmate but somehow she managed to sense that I was troubled and preoccupied. Maybe that’s me. I am not good in hiding my emotion. haha. 

She went to my office and handed me a piece of paper. The prayer goes like this.

O Lord, my heart is aching. I was crushed by the failures of my endeavours. I was hurt by the indifference of the persons I cared for. I was broken by the ill will and sharp words of those I considered friends.

Please, my dear Jesus, rid my heart of pain and sorrow. Heal the wounds in my soul. Counting on your compassion and mercy, I implore you, dear Jesus: cure the bitterness, remove the scars, soothe the pain in my heart. Grant me the grace to stand up and give me the strength to accept the divine will and your plan for me. 

O Lord, when I feel that my life is too taxing and burdensome, when problems pile up and are difficult to solve, when the cross I carry bears me down and friends I rely on cannot be found, when my sufferings are endless and my efforts seem fruitless… keep me.

O Lord, be at my side and help me to hold on to you all the more.You are with me always, O Lord. You are the only one whom I must place my trust. I rely on you sweet Jesus. You are the only one who can heal my wounded spirit. 

I run to you now, O Lord, let me hear your healing words, 

“Stand up and go, faith has saved you.” Amen. 

After I read the prayer, I laid it on my work table and stared at it for a few minutes. Gently placed it under the glass of my table. 

Fast forward til today, I am amazed that somehow I got through that state. I finally managed to pay some of the debts. I passed the english test and I got a job here in the UK. Then, I found new friends and experienced other stuff. Then, I forgot what that prayer meant. 

At this moment, I find myself looking at the same prayer. I found it last month while I was cleaning my room. I messaged my workmate to say thank you but she can’t remember the piece of paper she gave me years ago. I took a photo and sent it back to her.

I was pensive. I thought… Maybe God performed one of His magic tricks that time… Sent the Holy Spirit and inspired my workmate to give that piece of paper to me. Now, I am sharing it to everybody. Maybe somebody needs healing. Maybe you need to heal. 

Have you ever noticed that life experiences repeats itself? Is it God’s way of reminding us of the things we learned in the past? Is it one of His ways to test our Faith? To test if we are stronger? To check if we need healing?

Whoever made that prayer, Thank you… because I am healing.  


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