Sangguniang Kabataan Federation of Lagonoy (2002 – 2007) Salutes the Local Security Frontline

The fight against Covid19 has reached every corner of the world. People are advised to stay at home while the frontline workers – healthcare professional, volunteers, police force, barangay security personnel and many more are risking their lives against this contagious disease.

Amid the troubles of Covid-19 Pandemic, I reunited with my former colleagues in the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation batch 2002 – 2007. Together with other Four former SK Chairmen, we decided to reignite the spirit of our good fellowship by bolstering it with projects and activities that will benefit all our kababayans in Lagonoy or perhaps the entire Philippines. This is our way of giving back to the Municipality of Lagonoy because we know that having gone through the peaks and valleys of being a young leader back then really helped us face the real world. For us, it was a transformative experience. 



Out first activity was geared towards helping Lagonoy Security Frontline to survive the enhanced community quarantine imposed by the Philippine Government to prevent the spread of infection. Aside from the nurses and doctors who are risking their lives in the hospital, these security frontline workers such as the tanods and barangay health officials have an important key role in making sure everyone in the barangay stays home. Just like the hard work and sacrifice being done by the people in the medical field, we equally salute and appreciate all the security frontline workers for their dedication and bravery to fight Covid-19 by ensuring that their fellow residents are safe in their respective homes.

Our group helped hand in hand and shared our personal resources to realise this activity. On March 28, 2020, we distributed grocery packs  and snacks to the security frontline workers. We only selected 8 barangays because of the limited time to collect fund for the activity. However, we have activities lined ahead and we hope to cover the entire 38 Barangays of Lagonoy. Looking back, it felt very fulfilling and it was fun working again with my fellow SK friends.


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