My Interest to trade in the Stock Market

My interest to explore the stock market came around 2014. I was still in my 20s but I was broke. Although I had  two jobs that time, I didn’t have the extra cash to invest… I didn’t even have a decent savings account. It was a hard hustle to pay for utility bills, groceries and other stuff. Seven years later, here we are… As shameful as it sounds, I am not still financially free. However, the difference is that I have savings (hurray!) and have a small investment. 

I am writing about stock market today because I found a short write-up in my hard drive. It was written a long time ago. I imagined myself trading in the stock market and tried to describe what my day would look like. The main question in my head was What if i was a stock marker trader? I have no clue that time of what a trader does.. or how he feels or thinks but I guess it may look like the one I’ve written below.

A Day in the Life of a Stock Market Trader

I woke up with a throbbing pulse in my head. I slowly grabbed my phone and checked for messages and notifications… shut it down so I can go straight to my morning ritual. As I washed my face I tried to massage my facial muscles and forehead to relieve the unbearable headache. “This must have been caused by the loss I had yesterday. But I think today’s a bull market.” I convinced myself that my 80,000 dollar loss from the market pushed me to drink shots of whiskey last night more than the usual

As I stirred my coffee this morning, I kept on thinking why it happened. I went by the book. I guess until now I haven’t fully understood the volatility of stocks in the market. It’s a good thing that I am still single and nobody depends on me. It is still a huge amount of money. I could have helped people from it or bought a new car or house. I should have bought and hold. Anyway, there is no time for regrets. I shook the anxiety in my head. 

Later that morning until afternoon, I stayed in my room. Lying down, sleeping and walking back and forth. A lot of thoughts pranced in my head. I wanted to start trading but I fear that I might lose more money. I felt a little traumatised. I tried calling friends but they are too busy with work. My energy was so low that I noticed I haven’t eaten almost all day. So, I dragged myself to the nearest fast food chain and ate something. While sitting there, I switched on my tablet and read the late news about stock market.

It says that the benchmark of the stock index closed the session at 7,998,920 today down by 0.20% or 10.2 points from the previous day’s session, this shows instability since last week’s profit taking. Trading volume reached 2.44 billion dollars today valued at 7.85 dollars. Foreign buying was 3.24 billion dollars while foreign selling reached 3.66 billion. I looked at the top gaining companies of the week. As I scrolled down my tablet, I couldn’t read anymore. My eyes were watery. I cried.

Everyone was noticing me. I sobbed hard. I tried to control myself but I couldn’t. I lost a lot of my hard earned money. I shouted and prayed hard asking if someone can help me bring my money back. Someone approached me. The person was wearing white with a gentle face. He hugged me so tight and told me that it’s okay. I asked who he is and he said, “I am your stock market angel.” He carried me and brought me to the highest floor of the building. I looked at him intently and his face was so comforting. He smiled and said, “June 20, 1pm. You will be alright.” And he threw me out the window.

“AHHHHH! Blag”

I fell from the bed. I woke up with a strange headache. I grabbed my phone and read what I saw
out loud, “it’s June 20 and the time is 12:45pm! I need to start trading!”

The End

A little dramatic. Right? *chuckles* But that was how I imagined it. I don’t know how I came out with that story. Maybe I was trying to amuse myself. What if I have the means to be a stock trader? What if? 

Do you invest in the stock market? If you do, tell me about your experience. do you think my imagination is legit?