I guess my love for writing flourished in high school and got more angsty in college. I was not involved formally to any school publications… I wanted to but I had other stuff to focus on (mostly academics and the performing arts). I was just too coward to join the writers in school. They intimidate me.  Anyway, I remember submitting poems… mostly lyrical poems, which are more or less superficial.

One of the poems I remember submitting in high school was called Pulubi, which means beggar in Filipino. I giggle right now because my filipino teacher liked it so much that he wanted it published to An Maogmang Lugar, our school’s literary magazine. I hesitated at first and wanted to give him another poem but he insisted. Little did he know, I was just inspired by a music video I saw on MTV that day. It was year 2001.  Brandy and Ray J  released a song called “Day in Paradise” *clears throat* Yes, babe – the remixed version of the Phil Collins song. Anyway, allow me to share the poem.

I watched and listened to the song again on youtube just to check if I copied a few lines from the song and literary translated it to Filipino. Honestly, I don’t think I did. Maybe the young Nikko must have been too inspired to write about the less fortunate because of the song… or maybe he just felt something for the poor and he wanted to help them. 

Anyway, will you consider it plagiarism? uhm.. Probably you will say yes… because I wasn’t completely honest about the source of my inspiration. To my defense, I was in high school with a lot of pressure and expectations from the teachers. And if you are a modern student, convince me that you haven’t tried to copy paste something from the internet. 

As I read my poem, I remember writing it down on a crosswise tablet paper while thinking about other projects. *sigh* Projects and assignments were my biggest problems that time. hahaha! Everything was simpler. How I wish I am just worrying about another project today but life is way different now and more complicated. 

I realised that if ever I wrote about beggars today, I don’t know where to begin because they have evolved in many forms. You start to question if they are real “beggars” or just want to fool you into giving them money. Who are the real beggars? 

What can you say about the poem? Do you agree that we have modern day beggars? Hit the comment section below. Thank you for reading!