Angsty Story Part 1

“He’s not like this.”

You stared at the clock.

 It’s 8 in the evening.

“He’s not coming.”

The hair at your nape starts to prickle and you feel that your heartbeat intensifies as each tick of the clock becomes extremely loud.

“I need a distraction.”

Anxiously, you surveyed the entire room. It’s very tidy. You smell nothing.

Your eyes caught the laptop on the bed. Your eyes fixed on the object.

Suddenly, you found yourself crawling towards it. You ignored your cramping legs. You didn’t notice that you were seated on the floor for more than an hour already.

“I’ll check his social media accounts.”

Your fingers were trembling as you start to type on your keyboard.

Before you even clicked his picture, a pop up caught your attention.

“He is here.”

You paused. Analyzing the three words on the pop up.

At first, you struggled to decide if you want to click the OK button but you later gave in to the temptation.


A black hole started to form at the center of the laptop. The hole went bigger and you started to feel the atmosphere is sucked by that opening. You notice that your head started to come near the disfigured computer screen. You panicked because it seemed like the computer is eating you.


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