How to be Successful Using the 4Hs of Life

My grandfather’s name is Demetrio. I call him Lolo Demet.

I used to listen to his stories and life experiences over and over. I wish he’s alive today so I can listen to him once more even though it felt like it was never ending that time. I don’t care if it will take an entire day because, to be fair, all the things he was telling me makes sense now.

It’s a bit odd because, recently, some of his words kept reverberating back in my head. Particularly, the 4Hs of Life. It is basically like his own formula of achieving success honed from his own personal experiences. 

He said,”If you want to be successful, follow these steps: First, your HEAD should be full. Second, your HANDS should be trained. Third, your HEALTH should be sound. And finally, your HEART should be stout.

In order for us to understand lolo’s concept of success, let us look at Rokin, a 30 year old chap who worked as a healthcare support worker in a hospital and took a new job role in a company selling medical supplies. He doesn’t have a background in sales but has a fair amount of knowledge about healthcare supplies. He’s passionate about building his own business someday and becoming a sales person is a stepping ground to reach that goal. 


All successful people invest in their own knowledge. This means that in order to reach success, we need to educate ourselves. A man who owns a business selling cars won’t succeed if he doesn’t know anything about cars. A lawyer can’t defend any of his clients if he has limited knowledge about the law. It is pretty basic – study your own craft. 

However, my grandfather told me that, in this particular aspect, we need to maximise the use of our senses. That’s right – sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch including common sense. He was basically teaching me that I need to make use of what I have to learn the twists and turns of what I’m passionate about. Like Rokin, the act of selling stuff  is not his cup of tea but providing himself an opportunity to learn and earn at the same time is a win-win situation. He is exposing his senses to an environment which will teach him to succeed in the future. 


Every expert was once called a novice. It is a given fact that all skills are developed through training. It takes patience, bravery, confidence and endurance to do this because most people get disheartened when they fail in mastering a particular skill. When you are new to a particular field, people will attack you for a lot of reasons. 

Rokin’s sales in his first month is ZERO. He was devastated and depressed. If he’s not going to push through, it will be a disappointment to the manager who hired him and it will be a waste of time for him, which pulls him far from his goal. 

Although Lolo Demet never mentioned this, I think we need to push ourselves to be who we want to be. It is our responsibility to train ourselves and make ourselves better.

There will be set backs as we train ourselves. In one of the books I read from Bo Sanchez, an author of so many inspirational books, he said that if we fail, we should fail forward not backwards. This only means that we need to assess where we need to excel and move on. What Rokin needs to do is to evaluate how he sells his products. He needs a good plan and an effective strategy. If he fails again, then he must jump back right in. Anyway, you all know what they say, repetition is the mother of all skills.  


There is no true success if you have poor health. I know our motivations in life forces us to hustle hard even if it is already pathologic. That is not a good way to achieve success. From time to time, we need to listen to our bodies. We need to know when to stop because we are not machines. 

So, the key here is for Rokin to rest, eat, reflect and sleep. There should be a balance and harmony between his work life and private life. Everybody claims that healthy individuals have better productivity than those who are always sick. 

Lolo Demet used to tell me his daily routine when he was a young teacher. He would wake up early, hike a mountain to reach his workplace, teach students and go back home and sleep. As a side gig,  he was also making soap and sell them. Each time he worked, he ensured that he was fit and well. 

One thing that I wanted to add to his principle is Mental health.  I think a major role in achieving success is having a healthy mindset.  We all fail accompanied by abuse, mockery, negativity and apathy, which makes us all susceptible to lose our sanity, self respect and confidence to ourselves. How do we achieve this? I think we should make it a social responsibility to protect onse self and each other. Be kind. Don’t be cruel to yourself and others. You can never go wrong with kindness. I think having success has a sweeter sound if your mind, body and soul are in harmony together. 


I think what Lolo Demet meant here is that we need to form healthy relationships with others but make sure that our hearts are brave and strong. We need to check our attitude towards peers and co-workers. It is already a given fact that we cannot please everyone no matter how much we try to do good and improve ourselves the best way we can be. Some people may appreciate it but others don’t. So, I guess Lolo was saying that we need to toughen up because the road to success is not an easy journey. 

Furthermore, our own hearts matter. Our hearts should be big enough to uphold our own values. Looking back at Rokin, he will have a greater chance of having more sales if he has a good business relationship with his clients especially to HIMSELF. I say the spark lies from within. If Rokin’s co-worker makes £100,000 compared to his £50,000, it is still a good amount of money. Definitely a better result that £0 sales he had before.If he is happy about this accomplishment, this means that he is getting better.


The 4Hs of life are just words mentioned by Lolo Demet years ago but it has an impact in my life at present. Reflecting on these 4 areas, I think my grandfather is telling me that each concept are intertwined with one another, which means that one aspect affect the other but one can stand alone. Similar to a measuring tool, I can see which among the 4Hs needs sustenance and improvement. It is a good way of keeping track of myself if I am doing the right thing… If I am on the right path of achieving my goals for myself and for the people I care about. 

I am surprised with most of the things I realised by looking deeper into Lolo’s principle for success. I can still share more but I will focus on the 4Hs of life for now.  I was actually laughing before writing this last paragraph because it feels like I have just created a Conceptual Framework on how to Achieve Success *lol* All I have to do is to clearly define each theory and test it through research. 

What do you think about the 4Hs of life? Do you think it is applicable to you? Doo you thin I can be a nursing theorist by using this concept? hahaha. Let me know on the comment section below. Bye for now. Thank you for reading.