Changing my Mindset thru Writing

There have been so many road blocks before I had the courage to start my own blog. Then, about a month ago, I finally admitted that the main thing that hinders me from doing it is myself.

I was afraid because I cared a lot about other people’s opinion… Knowing that I am not a wordsmith, that my grammar is not that excellent and that people may find my writing style too cheesy or pretentious, I didn’t have the confidence in expressing myself to the world. 

I kept on making excuses until, recently, I felt consumed with so much negativity that I needed to have a personal intervention. I need to get rid of the negative monologues in my head. I need a distraction because it feels like I am in a crisis. So, I decided to write a blog to protect my own mental well being. 

Why should I write to protect my mental health?

I have been writing on a journal since I was in grade school. Whether I fancy writing it in Filipino or English, I always enjoy putting my thoughts into print. It feels like chatting with a friend but you record the conversation. Put simply, writing has been a pleasant and therapeutic activity for me. It helps me understand things and organise my thoughts. It helps me boost my decision making skills because it shows me a broader sense of what is more important. 

As an over thinker, I know that starting a blog is good for me. I can pour out my thoughts with creativity and diligence. It is an outlet… or a medicine to cure or silence my noisy mind. Writing is like a torch that lights my way to the right path. It keeps me on track. In simple terms, I don’t want to lose my mind so I want to write. 

What should I write about?

PERSONAL GROWTH. There are so many things in my own life that I need to give proper attention – How I deal with interpersonal relationships, how I build my self esteem and confidence, how I manage my expenses, etc. I basically want to find clarity and meaning with everything within me and my external environment.

I have so many questions and I intend to answer each of them one post at a time. I intend to post about essentialism, minimalism, finance, art – anything that will support, uplift and contribute to an individual’s personal growth as a human being. 

Married to a Happy Soul

I named this blog Married to a Happy Soul because that is my reality. I am literally married to a beautiful human being and she has a happy soul. Changing my mindset about the things that paralyse me is the perfect gift I can give her and to the people I love. This blog is a tool for me to be a better husband, son and friend. That is why my tag line is “Being faithful to be a Better Man each day for myself and others.”

As to my readers, I hope that you surround yourself with happy souls. We are not immune to any form of crisis. We need each other more than ever especially today that we are constantly consumed with so many things. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I will leave you with a quote from Cleo Wade.

“You are the only person who truly decides who you are… If you want to be a singer… think like a singer, say you are a singer, and of course sing your song. We spend so much of our lives waiting for others to qualify us. Authorise yourself. Step into your power right now; give yourself your own credentials, and you be the one who qualifies who you are. Why not? Nobody knows you better than you do.” – Cleo Wade


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