Hello Friends! My name is Nikko Paolo, a Filipino working as a cardiac catheter nurse in London.

In this blog, I am sharing short stories, reflections, interests and useful information about my experiences in the United Kingdom as an overseas Filipino worker.

I divided my content into 5 different categories:

  • The Nursing Discipline
  • Human Relationships
  • Jesus Christ & Me
  • Creative Activities
  • Finance and Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Mainly, I want to focus on providing information about my work in the nursing profession because I feel like I can give more substance and value to my readers if I put more focus in this area. I chose a vocation in the healthcare industry because of the divine privilege to help other people especially the poor and the sick.

I also love learning from creative people and deeply admire how they transform their ideas… their vision into reality. I want to be like them. This is also one of the reasons why I am excited to tap into writing about my attempts to enrich my capabilities whether it is about making crafts, public speaking or building a business. I am eager and passionate to discover so many things and this blog is my stepping stone to reach infinite possibilities. 



Historical Sites we visited in the City of York

The city of York captivated me and made our Christmas memorable and happy. We spent 3 days in the city and explored its wonders. We stayed in an airbnb cottage. It made our stay memorable, warm and fun! The Airbnb cottage: My wife and I felt safe inside the cottage. Keys were provided. It is…

understanding the risks of Coronary heart disease & Clinical Indications for a primary angioplasty

When a patient experiences chest pain accompanied by other symptoms like shortness of breath and heart rhythm abnormalities, there are 3 possible scenario: unstable angina, NSTEMI and STEMI. Unstable Angina and NSTEMI usually have temporary ECG changes because arterial supply in the heart is partially blocked off. STEMI, on the other hand, indicates the whole…

Coronary Angiogram

When I first started working in the cardiac cathlab, I was nervous because it is a very new experience for me. I have no full experience in the theatres nor worked in a cardiology unit. Although I have handled patients with cardiac problems, working inside the lab is totally different. At this point, I am…